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AMP Anniversary Book

AFM Streaming Conference Program

Dallas College Blog Articles:

Variety Is Key to Sonographer’s Success

It’s Been a Summer for Stargazing

Work in Progress: ICU Physician Prepares for Career as Art Teacher


Designs Created for Visual Design for New Media Class

Published Writing Samples:

Profile Orbert Davis, International Musician

Profile Shooter Jennings, International Musician

Profile Punch Brothers, International Musician

Profile Sam Bush, International Musician

Travel Mobile Bay, Making Music

R&R Fantasy Camp, Making Music

Profile Jason Mraz,Making Music

Travel Crooked Road, Making Music

Profile Al Jarreau, International Musician

Profile Paul Adelstein, Making Music

Cymbal Making, Making Music

Old-time Music, Making Music

Profile Mickey Hart, Making Music

Travel North Louisiana, Making Music

Profile Mickey Hart, International Musician

Travel San Antonio, Making Music

Honkfest, Making Music

Playing for Change,Making Music

Tejano, Making Music

Travel Rhythm Discovery Center, Making Music

Hearing Loss, Making Music

Profile Bernie Williams, Making Music

Accordions, Making Music

West African Drums, Making Music

MarchFourth Marching Band, Making Music

Zydeco, Making Music

Baseball Organists, Making Music

Balkan Brass, Making Music

Taiko, Making Music

Drums & Disabilities, Making Music

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