NLC Program Card Series (STEM) – writer, project mgr

NLC CE Spring 2020 – project manager/editor

Our Health magazine – publisher

Making Music – managing editor

International Musician magazine – managing editor

AMP Anniversary Book – managing editor

AFM Streaming Conference Program – managing editor

Dallas College Blog Articles – writer:

November Is Alcohol Abuse Awareness Month

Now Hiring! Work-Study Jobs for Students

Seize a Brighter Future in Just One Year

Look at Me, Not My Wheelchair

Variety Is Key to Sonographer’s Success

It’s Been a Summer for Stargazing

Work in Progress: ICU Physician Prepares for Career as Art Teacher

Published Writing Samples:

Profile Orbert Davis, International Musician – writer

Profile Shooter Jennings, International Musician – writer

Profile Punch Brothers, International Musician – writer

Profile Sam Bush, International Musician – writer

Travel Mobile Bay, Making Music – writer/photographer

R&R Fantasy Camp, Making Music – writer/photographer

Profile Jason Mraz,Making Music – writer

Travel Crooked Road, Making Music – writer/photographer

Profile Al Jarreau, International Musician – writer

Profile Paul Adelstein, Making Music – writer

Cymbal Making, Making Music – writer

Old-time Music, Making Music – writer

Profile Mickey Hart, Making Music- writer

Travel North Louisiana, Making Music – writer/photographer

Profile Mickey Hart, International Musician – writer

Travel San Antonio, Making Music – writer/photographer

Honkfest, Making Music – writer/photographer

Playing for Change, Making Music – writer

Tejano, Making Music – writer

Travel Rhythm Discovery Center, Making Music – writer

Hearing Loss, Making Music – writer

Profile Bernie Williams, Making Music – writer

Accordions, Making Music – writer

West African Drums, Making Music – writer/photographer

MarchFourth Marching Band, Making Music – writer/photographer

Zydeco, Making Music – writer/photographer

Baseball Organists, Making Music – writer

Balkan Brass, Making Music – writer

Taiko, Making Music – writer

Drums & Disabilities, Making Music – writer


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